Fault management

Tivoli Netcool

The products from the IBM Tivoli Netcool family (formerly Micromuse) are designed especially for the event-, fault- and output-management of the communication networks, servers and applications. They are designed to allow an integration of great many technologies and thanks to their sophisticated correlation mechanisms they display only the most important information to the network operators. Among other very sought after features of the system, it allows for event-modeling and consequential IT services monitoring.

EMC Smarts

The EMC2 smarts product family counts for another higly efficient and sophisticated event management system. Thanks to its patented Root Cause Analysis (RCA) technology based on code tables it significantly lowers the number of displayed events and cuts out duplicated items completely. The operators thus devote their time to the genuine problems instead of wasting it with secondary or derived events.

CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager