Company Profile

TRIVALENT is a dynamic provider of expert know-how for ICT projects across all Europe.

Knowlegde, experience and flexibility are the main qualities of all our experts who are participating in international projects of world leading companies. Our customers have always valued their professionalism and team-work.

TRIVALENT was founded in 2007 and ever since has put a great effort into maintaining high quality of services provided and into building a good name with our clients and partners.

Our clients are offered a set of complex services in the ICT field according to their needs and just in time when they require them. While delivering our services we draw from our rich experience and Best Practices which we try to pass on to our clients.


Nowadays, when IT firms compete heavily in offering cheap work force, it may be rather difficult and costly to maintain quality work. We in TRIVALENT fully appreciate that professional services are mainly about people and that is why we carefully handpick the members of our team. The quality of the delivered work is regularly checked and scrutinized together with every customer.

Choose who you need and you, our customers, best know which professionals you require.

Developers, project managers, system architects and engineers, process consultants, or teams composed of these experts – they are all prepared to apply for your project. Or, do you need OSS/BSS software development or system implementation and integration in your company? We are prepared to deliever the particular components of the system or the systém as a whole including post-implementation support. Each and every specialist in TRIVALENT draws in his work from the wide company knowledge base, know-how and bears on his experience and certifications gained.

Choose When You Need Us

Our individual professionals or teams made thereof are prepared to satisfy your requirements in a precisely agreed time frame. Should you be in need of a long-term outsourcing or are you preparing a new IT project? We are here to assist you. With quality.

And, exactly the moment you need it.