BI and Big Data

Internet Of Things (IoT)

The ever-increasing trend of volumes, variety, and velocity of data coming from sensors, machines, and other connected devices brings significant data integration challenges. It is our mission to help organizations process and blend machine- and sensor-data with other assets – such as data from your ERP, CRM or HR systems – to provide the necessary context to deliver transformative business outcomes.

Data Integration

Our solution consists of a strong platform for data integration and ETL process management. The unique way of data processing allows you, at any time in course of the data transformation, to visualize the data, create and view reports at will. The highly scalable platform offers more than a sufficient data processing power to handle high-volumes of diverse data origins, formats or quality.

Embended analytics

Our customers benefit from utilizing their existing data sources, analytical data and its visualization within their own internal information systems, portals or the intranet. The solution effectively and quickly brings functionality which may be immediatelly put to work by internal users who can thus employ their own analytical data.