System Integration

System integration and complex turn-key project solutions are the Essentials components of the TRIVALENT offer.

Every project starts with a preparation phase which specifies the project goals, milestones and prerequisites for its successfull completion.

In course of the implementation works the main tasks of the project manager are the checking of the client-, subcontractor-, and internal processes-readiness with regards to the project plan. The actual project status is subject to regular scrutiny during project-steering meetings.

The project is then successfuly concluded by means of the completed work acceptation- and handover-procedures. The project manager is responsible for client-satisfaction and the quality of the delivered work. The elaboration of detailed documentation is also part of the project.

Every TRIVALENT project manager besides having mastered the necessary project methodology also has extended technical knowledge of the solution. Thus, he is always knowledgeable of the problem nature and is able to adjust the project management to the actual needs.

Personal references of the TRIVALENT project managers include project of premier Czech, Slovak and other service providers. Our clients have always valued their professionalism and responsibility.