BI and Big Data


In the BigData field we offer solutions and tools to effectively cover the entire ETL processing range all the way up to the data visualization. Our customers will have a new insight on how their business is operating, how they can optimize particular production- or sales-processes. Our solution is bulit on strong platforms and brings our customers substantial effectiveness and value.

  • Widest range of data-formats and sources supported
  • Step-by-step visualize the data alerady within the transformation process. Bundle processes. Data-cleansing and vefircation supported.
  • Open, standards-based architecture allows for seamless third-party tools integration
  • Visualization and data reporting in course of the ETL processes
  • Real-time BigData processing ability

The addaptive Data Layer provides functionality and performance necessary to connect with BigData stores:

  • Latest distributions of Hadoop from Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR and Amazon Web
  • Services supported
  • Acces the data using SQL and Spark
  • Integrate NoSQL incl. MongoDB and Cassandra
  • Connect with analytical databases incl. HPE Vertica, Amazon Redshift, SAP HANA and others
  • Native Kafka plug-in with enterprise layer support, stability and real-time data ingestion


Our IoT analytics and reporting solution provides the following unique functionality:

  • On-line analysis and machine-learning of sensoric-based data samples
  • The analysis may be integrated with your own enterprise applications to allow immediate decision-making access while the production or sales is underway
  • Discover the ingested data samples and patterns thanks to the machine-learning ETL tools
  • Fine-tune the devices to improve effectiveness
  • Blend and enrich the data from your data stores with the simple data sensors or the more complicated ones with your enterprise applications, maintenance history, GPS or weather sensors, etc.

Data Integration

  • Complete visualization tools for wide range of data integration to eliminate the manual programming and scripting in the ETL process
  • Toggle between the separate processing interfaces such as Spark and Pentaho to improve the flexibility of BigData processing and complex transformations
  • A robust support of distributed Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL data stores and analytical databases
  • User-friendly complex data-format desing environment
  • Data-flow streaming and/or on-line analysis
  • Our platform integrates advanced analytical models such as by R, Python, Weka

Embended analytics

  • Interactive reporting and dashboard embedded directly into the enterprise systems and portals
  • Thanks to the standards and API used, we are able to link the analytics and visualization with your enterprise systems and data sources
  • Enrich your existing reporting and analytical environment with new strong features and tools which bring the users the necessary flexibility and new data insights
  • Employing techlogies such as HTML/CSS for front-end and UI management as well as REST API for all integration platform attributes management
  • Simple-to-integrate sofisticated analysis delivered directly to desktop-, mobile- or tablet-applications
  • Integrate various frameworks to manage security, authentification and SSO
  • Allow for flexible means of Multi-tenant environment to easily introduce cloud-based and
  • SaaS services and systems